Lens Types: Prescription and Cosmetic Lenses

Lens Types: Prescription and Cosmetic Lenses

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Single Vision

Single Vision

Single vision glasses have all-purpose lenses that correct one type of vision problem by distributing focus evenly over the whole surface area of a lens. With a single vision prescription, your glasses will help you see more clearly up close or at a distance, but not both. Most prescriptions are for single vision glasses.


Bifocals help you see better at close range and at distances. The top of the lens is for distance vision, while the bottom of the lens is for near vision. Visible lines separate the top and bottom sections of bifocal lenses.


Progressive Lenses: See Everywhere!

Progressives are cosmetically pleasing compared with bifocals — there’s no abrupt line demarking the fields of vision and you can see near, far, and in between. The top of the lens is for distance, the middle portion is for mid-range vision, and the bottom portion is for reading or near vision.

Optical Lens Lab Progressives: New Generation Lenses

If you’ve worn progressive lenses in the past you might have experienced an uncomfortable “swimming” feeling from the blurriness at the edges of your vision. Those old generation progressive lenses are still on the market, often with tempting prices, and you won’t know what you bought until you start wearing them.

Optical Lens Lab offers new generation progressive lenses. The gradual progression of power goes to the edges of the lenses, vastly improving your peripheral vision and increasing your comfort as compared to the old generation lenses. You’ll soon grow accustomed to your new progressives lenses by “pointing your nose” to what you want to see in order to look through the middle of the lenses.

Progressive Lens Options: Standard, Sport, or Mid and Near-range

Standard Progressive Lenses

Standard progressives are all-purpose lenses, designed with a balance between near and far.


Sport progressives are specialized lenses exclusively for outdoor activities, offering a wide area of binocular vision for far distance viewing with a smaller area for mid- and near-range vision. Great for all sporting enthusiasts: participants, coaches, and spectators alike for sporting events, snow skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Mid and Near-range

Computer and near-range progressives are specialized lenses for mid- to near-range viewing. They offer extremely large mid- and near-range areas and are the best choice not only for office and computer work, but also for musicians, chefs and anyone else doing a lot of mid- to near-range work. There is no far vision correction so they are not designed for driving.


All of the frames offered on the Optical Lens Lab site can be paired with cosmetic lenses.

Why Wear Cosmetic Lenses?

Gamers and other heavy computer users who want to protect themselves from eye fatigue, and dry, blurry, irritated eyes will benefit from our cosmetic blue light blocking lenses.

Our blue light-blocking cosmetic lenses are superior to lenses with blue light “block” coatings because the blocking feature is inherent in the lenses themselves. Blue light coatings are much less effective since they only reflect a small amount of blue light, whereas our lenses truly block blue light.

Our cosmetic sunglasses offer distortion-free vision unlike some drugstore and department store lenses.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate our choices of coatings for sunglasses that protect your lenses and your eyes.

Learn about Lens Purposes: Everyday, Blue Light Blocking, or Sunglasses.

Learn about Lens Coatings, Tints and Add-ons.

See the At-a-Glance Ordering Options grid to learn what lens materials and coatings Optical Lens Lab offers for all prescription and cosmetic lens types.

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